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Administrators Budget Reductions Implementing Impact™ Faculty Support software breaks the cycle of exploding per-faculty expense. The expandable software actually lowers the per-faculty training, management, and communication expenses even as your faculty grows. The collaborative power is impressive. It concentrates institutional resources on improving the classroom performance of contingent and full time faculty by acknowledging and balancing the new diversity of faculty background, employment status, and degree of daily interaction with administrative staff. Impact™ is cost conscious for your entire teaching faculty, but especially adjuncts, visiting professors, lecturers, and other contingent faculty who are often difficult and expensive to reach. Here's how bcpImpact™ does it... Support Services Automatically Delivered - Delivery of cross campus services are accomplished without overloading or adding personnel. One Stop Service - Newly hired faculty have a one stop service that provides them with teaching support services, orientation, compliance trainings, and on-going professional development. Critical and Timely Information Delivered - Throughout the semester, timely information is delivered. Updates Happen Instantly - Information is constantly and efficiently updated saving staff time.