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What is Impact™? facultyImpact™
New tenure track faculty, visiting professors, lecturers, and teaching faculty have the same classroom experiences as part time faculty. They too need first day support for teaching, guidance through complicated classroom situations, and orientation to your college. Whether they are coming from another college as a post doc, graduate student, or faculty with Impact™ they are immediately orientated to your college's teaching and learning goals and objectives, your campus culture, and made aware of your unique blend of students. 

Full time faculty also face the challenges of their other obligations as a faculty member--scholarly activities and service. Impact™ recognizes this and provides every new faculty member on your campus with resources for scholarly activities and service. Every faculty member gets the same, clear instructions with the information ordered as they need it. Faculty, confident they are ready to handle the classroom, can focus on all of the components of their position. Dean, Chairs, and Program Leaders, confident faculty are orientated to campus wide services, can then focus on faculty individually.
Here's How bcpImpact™ does It... Once your college purchases Impact™software, our consultants work with your administration, faculty and staff to create your programs. Impact™ program engineers creates your portal with your logo and Impact Central, a collection of the books that you want to develop first. Materials are collected from your web pages and internal documents to put into your pages. Content experts from your college are identified that will provide information about their area and continue to upgrade pages, chapters, and books as changes occur. Duties and responsibilities of managers and editors are developed to meet your needs and workshops created to prepare them to use the functions. Impact™ consultants assist with formative evaluation as the materials are developed and used by your faculty.