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What is Impact™? ecsImpact™ Impact™ recognize that Dual Faculty that teach college courses to high school students have a different experience than other faculty. The Dual Enrollment and Early College Start modules provide faculty with organizational information to define the goals and objectives of the course, clarifies the duties and responsibility of the college and high school partners, and provides risk management information about the application of FERPA laws, accommodations for students with learning disabilities, and dealing with difficult students.

Colleges can add on-line, interactive workshops that prepare faculty for your unique program. The Lounge Forum and other communication networks enable conversation among Dual administrators, department chairs, and faculty. This keeps Dual Faculty and students connected to your campus, your standards, and your expectations
Here's How bcpImpact™ does It... Once your college purchases Impact™software, our consultants work with your administration, faculty and staff to create your programs. Impact™ program engineers creates your portal with your logo and Impact Central, a collection of the books that you want to develop first. Materials are collected from your web pages and internal documents to put into your pages. Content experts from your college are identified that will provide information about their area and continue to upgrade pages, chapters, and books as changes occur. Duties and responsibilities of managers and editors are developed to meet your needs and workshops created to prepare them to use the functions. Impact™ consultants assist with formative evaluation as the materials are developed and used by your faculty.