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Department Chairs and Program Directors Frictionless Faculty FormAll the files your new faculty need available anytime online. Impact™ puts all your administrative paperwork, forms, information sheets, and other documentation online where contingent faculty can access forms on their own. They will have immediate contact with the proper authority if they have questions, and can submit their paperwork electronically - on time. 

These frictionless forms free chairs and administrative staff from shuffling papers and enable you to devote quality time to new hires even during your busiest days. Spend more time assisting new faculty with teaching and less on housekeeping.

Here's how bcpImpact™ does it...
Your Forms When You Need Them - Forms can be built, changed, and added into the materials when you need them.

Easy Access, Instant Notification - Forms can be completed online and a confirmation email will be sent immediately to the appropriate authority.

Ongoing Records - The reports function documents reports on faculty progress that can be accessed quickly and easily online.