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Department Chairs and Program Directors Continued Department Enhancement Building a strong department means building a strong faculty commitment that includes coordination of scholarship, discussion, and congeniality. Contingent faculty are the most challenging group to fold into department activities. However the department’s success at engaging students in core courses, competitively attracting academically talented students, and preparing students for upper level courses hinges on one important element - strong core courses. These are the courses that contingent faculty are most likely to teach. Impact™ connects and prepares faculty for success. Here's how bcpImpact™ does it... Intimate Communication Tools - Departments have their own lounge where they can exchange and store important correspondence. Easy To Use Management Tools - Administrative Assistants can add, edit and update their contingent faculty to assure they have the appropriate courses and professional development materials. Easy To View Faculty Records - Department chairs can tailor reports to keep track of faculty progress on professional development materials, lounge notices, messages, and course notes. Tailored To Each Department - Departments can have their own syllabus and lesson plan builders that assure the departments’ teaching standards, goals, and objectives are consistent.