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Department Chairs and Program Directors Syllabus and Lesson Plan BuilderThe most important tools for effective classroom and content management are the syllabus and lesson plans. When contingent faculty create these in advance, Department Chairs are assured that the course content, rigor, and students' learning outcomes match those of the Department. The Syllabus Builder tool walks faculty through the often overwhelming process of writing a class syllabus. Chairs can spend more time assisting faculty with content delivery and integrating higher level teaching strategies than with the details of writing a syllabus. Here's how bcpImpact™ does it... Covers Your Requirements - The syllabus builder automatically inserts mandatory statements that are required by the college and accreditation agency such as Sexual Harassment and Academic Dishonesty. Covers Your Objectives - All the components that the Department believes are essential have required fields, guiding the faculty member to develop curriculum within the course goals and objectives. Helps Faculty With the Day to Day - The Lesson Plan Builder encourages hands on and inquiry and directs faculty to consider safety, preparation time, materials, skills, and learning outcomes; required factors for successful, active learning. Simplifies the Use of Other Systems - Once completed, the Syllabus Builder produces a PDF file that is easily uploaded to any electronic classroom management software.