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Department Chairs and Program Directors Support During the Busiest Times The opening and closing of the semester are the busiest times for Department Chairs and that is when Contingent Faculty need the most support. Students, full time faculty, scheduling, staff, and administration all demand your time and there is precious little to divide. Impact™ gives Department Chairs, Program Chairs, Course Leaders, and Administrative Assistants the 24/7 tools to prepare contingent faculty for the first day of classes and supports them as they administer exams and prepare to enter their final grades. Here's how bcpImpact™ does it... Instant Access to Support - The moment the department chair assigns a course (even Friday night) faculty members can begin preparing for their classes on their own, gathering paperwork for Human Resources, and learning about teaching support services. Thoughtfully Organized - Materials are written so faculty only receive information as they need it, reducing information overload and confusion about what is a priority, when. Multiple Access Methods - The Search Tab allows faculty to jump to the answer to a question and research classroom management and teaching situations prior to contacting their Department Chair. Often, potentially volatile situations can be handled quickly and swiftly, before they get out of hand. You Focus on the Important Things - The Impact™ materials cover all the small things so that when contingent faculty and the chair meet, they can discuss the heart of the course: content, teaching strategies, and assessments, rather than housekeeping duties like where the paper is kept. The Impact™ materials will always be there as a support resource for the important issues as well.