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Administrators Student Retention Retaining students is a primary commitment for Administrators. Impact™ makes it economically feasible to reach all contingent faculty beginning the moment they are hired. Contingent faculty are more likely to teach lower level courses that contain the most at-risk students. Their dedication to teaching makes them student success oriented, but they are also the hardest for administration to reach and hence, are often not included in your campus teaching and student support services and programs. Impact™ connects them to those services before they start teaching so that they can incorporate retention measures in their initial course planning and is a resource for them to refer back to later in the semester when new situations arise. Here's how bcpImpact™ does it... Resource for Information - A complete book in How You Can Help Students introduces contingent faculty to all your support services and staff. Mulitiple Access Methods - A Search Tab allows them to type in a concern they might have about a student and brings up readings and policies to immediately help them address their students' needs. This is available 24/7 making it helpful both when mentors, chairs, and staff are overwhelmed and outside of regular business hours when other support may not be available. Always Current - The student support services staff is able to continually update information about their services, keeping contingent faculty informed of procedures. Communication - A communication system that allows student support staff to send out group notices regarding important dates, events, and changes in policy as well as private messages to individuals.