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Administrators Institutional Effectiveness Everyone knows faculty directly affect the student's experience. But the reality is that everyone in your college impacts students. Think of your college as a sophisticated production crew making the faculty shine in the classroom, on the front line as spokespeople for your effectiveness. Impact™ makes that challenge an instant achievement. We gather real-time data to help you evaluate institutional effectiveness. Impact™ presents a center of informational exchange as ever-changing as the people who use it. You'll experience the advantage of a thorough resource that is constantly updating and adaptating as your college evolves.

Here's how bcpImpact™ does it...
Standardize the Quality of Support Across Campus - Document that contingent faculty members receive your consistent message of quality teaching standards and have access to the same support services as full time faculty. Document Campus Wide Contacts with Faculty - Record your success at getting contingent faculty to complete compliance trainings, receive updated information and assistance through emergency situations. Increase Professional Development Attendance - Contingent faculty are constantly updated about professional development activities, locations, dates, both online and face to face events, workshops and activities. Tailor Reports - Institutional advancement can tailor the report structure to meet your accreditation requirements.