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Administrators Risk Management Impact™ Faculty Support software provides a platform for demonstrating and documenting the best intent of the college to inform and protect faculty from potential situations that put the college at risk for litigation and/or negative publicity. With Impact™, you can administer, record, and store educational and training assignments, assessments, and document completion dates for mandatory policy and procedure training in such key areas as changes to the FERPA law, gender and race sensitivity, sexual harassment, the Americans With Disability Act, and fair grading and testing. Impact™ distributes this and updated information, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week all tailored to your school and your needs.

Here's how bcpImpact™ does it...
Delivery of Compliance Trainings - Faculty have immediate access to compliance trainings assuring they complete them before they enter the classroom. Notification to Compliance Officer - As faculty complete assessments, notification and scores automatically go to the Compliance Officer. Permanent Records - Faculty and administration have a permanent record of completed trainings and tests which they can refer to keep compliance each year. Create and Update Your Own Trainings - Create your own trainings and tests tailored to your specific needs.